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The lecture may be dicussed with Professors or Lecturers at 1:00 PM To 4:30 PM on every Tuesday and Thursday. Please press F5 if you encounter any error message.
Teaching Materials, Assignment & Tutorial Test

Teaching materials may be downloaded for self-study after admissions.
Submission of assignments is compulsory. Students must submit written assignments in softcopy of the website-www.yudeonline.com.mm using username and password before the relevant deadline. The Assignment marks are recorded as part of examination.
Answering Tutorial Test is also compulsory and the marks are recorded as part of examination too. Tutorial Tests will be held on last week of JUNE, 2016.
Announcements for PGDL 2nd Semester Students

PGDL- 6110 Term paper is a common assignment in Diploma in Law Course (online) to evaluate students’ research and writing skills. Initially you have to give the assignment containing a one -page term paper proposal. The proposal requires a topic of term paper including an abstract, methods, and reference. Next you may submit the complete term paper.
The deadline of submitting the proposal is before end of MAY.
The days of submitting the complete term paper is between end of JULY and first week of AUGUST.
The deadline of submitting the complete term paper is on AUGUST, 5th 2016.
If the student fails to submit or is late to submit the proposal or complete term paper he/she does not receive marks for it.
PGDL Study Timetable for students

PGDL Study Timetable may be seen through ID & PW.
Contact email

email: yudeonline@gmail.com
Semester I
DL-6101 Criminal Law and Procedure

Criminal law was enacted by English Government in 1861 after the independence of Myanmar in 1948. The term "Criminal

DL-6102 Family Law

The sources of Myanmar Customary Law, marriage , essential of legal marriage. the effect of 1954 the Buddhist Women's

DL-6103 Law Of Contract and Tort


Definitions and terms of the contract, communication, the nature of contract, formation of contract, valid

DL-6104 Business Law and Labour Law


The Business Law: types of Business Organization, The Law of Partnership, legal essence and creation o

DL-6105 Land Law and Revenue Law


Land Law highlights its scope, extent and application of the Land Laws in Myanmar,  Transfer of Property Ac

Semester II
DL-6106 Civil Law and Procedure


The Code of Civil Procedure , application , extent , definition , courts and their civil jurisdiction, suit

DL-6107 Law of Evidence

In the Evidence Act, application, evidence and proof, the relevancy of facts, admission, confession, opinions, oral a

DL-6109 Public International Law

Public  International  Law  comprises historical development, nature and origin , sources , subjects , relation betwe

DL-6110 Term Paper

Term paper is a common assignment in Diploma in Law Course (online) to evaluate students’ research and writing

DL-6108 Constitutional Law and Administrative Law


Meaning of the Constitution, Nature, Scope and Sources, classification, Government, cabinet system and

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