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Teaching materials may be downloaded for self-study after admissions. Submission of written assignments is compulsory before the relevant deadline. Tutorial tests are held on mid-term of each semester. The marks of assignment and tutorial test are recorded as part of examination. Submission of term paper shall be finished one month in advance before end of second semester. All students shall sit exam in YUDE Exam Room.
             Semester I
  •               ▼ DL-6101 Criminal Law and Procedure
  •               ▼ DL-6102 Family Law
  •               ▼ DL-6103 Law Of Contract and Tort
  •               ▼ DL-6104 Business Law and Labour Law
  •               ▼ DL-6105 Land Law and Revenue Law
  •              Semester II
  •               ▼ DL-6106 Civil Law and Procedure
  •               ▼ DL-6107 Law of Evidence
  •               ▼ DL-6108 Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
  •               ▼ DL-6109 Public International Law
  •               ▼ DL-6110 Term Paper
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    6110 Term Paper Supervisor List
    PGDL- 6110 Term Paper supervisor list may be seen through ID & PW. 1. The progressive report of the term paper must be submitted to the supervisor monthly by email. 2. The complete term paper must be submitted before 1.8.2017.
    6110 Term Paper
    PGDL- 6110 Term paper is a common assignment in Post Graduate Diploma in Law Course (online) to evaluate students’ research and writing skills. Initially you have to give the assignment containing a one -page term paper proposal. The proposal requires a topic of term paper including an abstract, methods, and reference. Next you may submit the complete term paper. The deadline of submitting the proposal is before May 15th 2017.
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    PGDL Study Timetable for students
    PGDL Study Timetable may be seen through ID & PW.